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Rainbow Camp Refugee Camp - Papua New Guinea

Through this project we want to dedicate ourselves to providing shelter and support to refugees from West Papua in the neighboring country of Papua New Guinea. They are currently staying in the Rainbow Camp refugee camp under appalling conditions. Being a refugee in Papua New Guinea does not have the same safe, stable living environment as a refugee in the Netherlands does.

That is why we want to commit ourselves to this and work to offer them a good and safe shelter and from there to encourage them to build up perspectives for a better future. We want to do this by providing them with important necessities of life, by giving them training and by building a good network around them.

In 2014 our chairman, Simon P. Sapioper, traveled to the refugee camp and saw how the refugees live in the camp. They live in dire circumstances and unfortunately they are seen as 'second-class citizens'. They are not on the political, or whatever, agenda. This means that they are completely on their own. They try to save themselves in their own way. For example, they sell fish and other foods on the local market. It just doesn't produce enough. It is survival every day. Children, both young and old, cannot go to school either.

It is an ongoing project, which means that we will continue to support and finance the project in various ways until our goal is achieved.

If you want to support us in this, come to us! Anything helps. Whether this is financial or practical.

By means of the 'Donate' button, you can immediately give a financial contribution. In the description, mention Rainbow Camp. If you can contribute in other ways, send us a message.

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