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Vision And Mission

The National Papua Association is about transferring the authentic, unique Papuan cultural experience, with more or less Western influences, and all its diversity in particular.

We believe that our rich culture should be shown and shared. By regularly organizing, co-organizing and participating in various activities, which are accessible to everyone, we hope to paint a good picture of our culture and its history and offer those present an easy opening for conversation. 

Promotion of cultural activities are important tools in raising awareness among our public. We see ourselves as a welcome addition to what The Hague has to offer in the (internal) cultural field. 

The association's task is to stimulate cultural awareness in The Hague and to get to know each other in order to highlight and enrich the city's cultural richness and diversity. 

We are open to all forms of cooperation that lead to the sharing of our cultural heritage and entering into discussions about the position of 'other-values' and 'self-values'. 

All in all, the association is committed to enthuse the public for participation and involvement in the neighborhood and city. Within the integration policy, we strive for mutual respect and equality in our society. 

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